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Become a Guardian Angel Volunteer

Life Essentials has a unique volunteer opportunity available for individuals who are looking for a way to have a meaningful impact on the life of a neighbor who can’t speak for themselves.

Life Essentials is the only guardianship program in Montgomery and Greene counties and we work closely with both Probate Courts to ensure the safety and well-being of the individuals entrusted into our care.

As a Guardian Angel, you will be a court appointed “Guardian of Person” to serve individuals who have no family able or willing to make decisions for them. Guardian Angels do not have financial responsibility for the person.

Guardian Angels serve as advocates in making major life decisions about housing, medical care, health benefits, legal services and long timer care. You will ensure the person in your care lives in the least restrictive environment possible and receives compassionate medical care.

Guardian Responsibilities
Once you have attended training and met the person you will serve as Guardian for, you will:
• Attend a hearing conducted by the Probate Court to be assigned as the legal Guardian of Person.
• Develop a relationship with the person and visit at least once a month. Two visits per month is ideal.
• Participate in planning, giving consent for medical treatment and other services.
• Be empowered to advocate for your person, monitor and protect their rights.
• Complete required program and court reports.
• Attend two trainings a year.

Apply here!

For more information contact Jennifer Dietsch at jdietsch@lifeessentials.org or (937) 586-0545 ext. 109.

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