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Become a Guardian Angel Volunteer

Life Essentials has a unique volunteer opportunity available for individuals who are looking for a way to have a meaningful impact on the life of a neighbor who can’t speak for themselves. Life Essentials is the only guardianship program in Montgomery and Greene counties and we work closely with both Probate Courts to ensure the

Living Art Chalk Festival Coming to the Miami Valley

Living Art Chalk Festival Coming to the Miami Valley Professional, amateur and student artists will chalk the streets of The Greene to raise awareness for national mental health awareness month Chalk About It, the Miami Valley’s first chalk art festival, is heading to The Greene on Saturday, May 16, 2015. Two nationally known chalk artists

The Campaign to Change Direction: Mental Health in America

Mental illness is startlingly common in our country, with nearly one in every five people having a diagnosable mental health condition. So why don’t we hear about it more often? We hear a lot about other diseases like heart disease and cancer. Mental illness is an affliction on the same level as any other disease.

You are the Person in their Lives who Cares

When Auska came to our country she was a young military bride living with her husband, George. George and Auska moved all around the country for his military career until he retired from Wright-Patt. Auska suffered from mental illness, but her husband always made sure she took her medication and took excellent care of her,

Chalk About It

Welcome to the inaugural year of Chalk About It benefiting Life Essentials! Chalk About It will be an extraordinary blending of performance, entertainment, fine and public art, all to strengthen our local community.  And it will all take place under your feet at The Greene Town Center Saturday May 16, 2015. Come and participate in

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