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Keeping It Local is What it’s all About

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It’s important to me that Life Essentials utilize local talent for the development of our new website and logo.

Welcome to our new website and to my first official blog post.  Thanks for dropping by!  I’m excited to share our new website with you and hope you find it full of useful information.  Please continue to stop by and be the first to see the latest and greatest posts from Life Essentials.

I want to thank Lion and Panda for their help with this project.  It’s important for me to utilize local talent, and when I learned these young, talented men and women were launching their own company, I wanted Life Essentials to support it!

Lion and Panda did not get a lot of money from Life Essentials for this project.  They agreed to build our new site and redesign our logo, and did so at a much reduced rate.  But isn’t that what it’s about, local companies supporting and helping local companies?  Sure there were challenges, but I’m thrilled they took us on, and I hope we somehow helped them too!

Here at Life Essentials we are Helping People & Transforming Lives.  That’s our vision.  Lion and Panda helped us move closer to fulfilling our vision by helping us, help people so their lives are transformed.

Please stop by often, see what’s new.  Here at our Life Essentials website you’ll be able to find information about how to make a referral, help a friend or family member access important services, sign up for our newsletter, learn about guardianship, volunteering, advocacy and donating.  In addition we’ll provide you with tips about mental illness, recovery, caring for elderly loved ones, as well as other useful information.

Hope to see you soon.

Linda Roepken Executive Director

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