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Chalk About It 2017 Artist Interest Form

Chalk About It 2017 Artist Interest

  • Please add the names, ages and t-shirt sizes of all team members who will be participating.
    The undersigned acknowledges and hereby and forever discharges, releases and holds harmless, The Greene, Life Essentials, its committees, sponsors and their agents of and from any loss or damage to my person or property while participating in this event. Further, I hereby consent to the enforcement of all rules and instruction of Chalk About It, Life Essentials and The Greene. I, the artist (or guardian of minor artist) grants a non-exclusive license to Life Essentials, in any medium of my art. I grant Life Essentials use of my name, including minors, biographical description and likeness in any media. Life Essentials, reserves all rights from Chalk About It by the artists in any manner. I agree I have no ownership rights to the photos and/or reproduction of the street painting/chalk image for this event. I also agree to strictly adhere to all guidelines and rules required to participate including, but not limited to: producing a family friendly image, no selling or reselling of any products or commodities on site. I agree to function at the event as a volunteer artist and to expect no pay. I understand that all entries will be judged by the community and that votes will be in the form of one dollar per vote. Life Essentials agrees to split 50/50 the votes with the artist which are received for his/her drawing, but Life Essentials does not guarantee votes. I understand that Chalk About It is a fundraising event designed to support the programs of Life Essentials. Life Essentials is a mental health agency that provides professionally delivered services which enhance the quality of life for vulnerable adults through intensive advocacy and recovery oriented programming. Life Essentials’ vision is “Helping People and Transforming Lives”. Chalk About It is designed to underscore the importance of accessing services without the burden of stigma. Chalk About It volunteer artists are asked to create work that positively involves mental health treatment, access and the elimination of stigma. Works should be “hopeful”, “positive”, “affirming”, or “recovery” oriented. Works may not include the use of copy written materials without permission of the original artist. Works may not be gruesome or negatively portray mental health or treatment.
  • Filling in this field serves as your digital signature that you are agreeing to the General Release and Acknowledgments. NOTE: if you are under 18, this field must be completed by your parent/guardian.

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