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Welcome to the inaugural year of Chalk About It benefiting Life Essentials!

Chalk About It will be an extraordinary blending of performance, entertainment, fine and public art, all to strengthen our local community.  And it will all take place under your feet at The Greene Town Center Saturday May 16, 2015.

Come and participate in this first of its kind event in our area.  Watch local and internationally known artists turn the streets of The Greene into works of art!  Imagine watching a Picasso come to life, or look down into what will appear to be the rabbit hole that Alice is falling in to.

You’ll also have the opportunity to vote on whose work you like best.  You’ll can be an active participant all throughout the day. Plan on participating in the Great Scavenger Hunt to win an awesome price, have your hair chalked, face painted, or even make your own chalk drawing in our community chalk park area.

All of this is open to the public and watching is free.  But you can support Life Essentials by voting for artists with your dollars, entering the scavenger hunt, or simply making a donation. If you are interested you can sponsor an artist block for $500 or a student art block for $350.  Regardless, come spend the day at The Greene Town Center for Chalk About It.

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