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You are the Person in their Lives who Cares


When Auska came to our country she was a young military bride living with her husband, George. George and Auska moved all around the country for his military career until he retired from Wright-Patt. Auska suffered from mental illness, but her husband always made sure she took her medication and took excellent care of her, until he died in the 1990s. Auska was left alone, with no children or relatives to support her. Auska began to participate in the Chums program at Life Essentials and was no longer alone. Although she still struggles with her mental illness and the language barrier, Auska has found a supportive network through Life Essentials.

Auska has a close relationship with one of the staff at Life Essentials that includes regular check-in phone calls. During one of these phone calls, it became clear to the staff member that Auska was in a crisis that needed immediate attention. Because of the close and trustful relationships she enjoys with our staff, she permitted our intervention and agreed to go to the hospital and receive the necessary treatment.

Our follow up revealed that Auska recently moved to a new apartment and had no furniture! She had the financial means necessary to buy it, but because of her mental illness she could be easily exploited.

Since her discharge from the hospital, Auska is doing great. She still enjoys close relationships with Life Essentials staff and attends Chums. She is living independently in her apartment, and we have secured a local attorney for her to keep her safe from financial exploitation.

This is just one example of how your gifts are help!  Your contributions protect vulnerable people from abuse and exploitation and provides support and hope.  Your donations transform lives.  As Auska would say, “Thank you for all you do.  I don’t know what I would do without you.  Thank you for being my friend.” In essence, Auska is thanking you.  By providing a contribution to Life Essentials you are the person in her life who cares.

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