Not Everyone Has Someone…

There are many adults in our community who are not able to make decisions for themselves and don’t have the appropriate family or friends to be their advocate and ensure their safety and quality of life. Many of these adults are elderly, are living with a disability or mental illness or have been neglected or exploited.

The need for caring Guardian Angels who can be an advocate and give a voice to those who can’t speak for themselves is growing.

The Goal

To offer Guardian Angel Volunteers who will monitor the well-being, health and safety of adults under guardianship in Montgomery and Greene counties.

The Process

As a Guardian Angel, you will be appointed “Guardian of Person” by the Probate Court to serve individuals who have no family able or willing to make decisions for them. Guardian Angels do not have financial responsibility for the person

The Benefit

Guardian Angel Volunteers serve as advocates in making major life decisions about housing, medical care, health benefits, legal services and long timer care. You will enure the person in your care lives in the least restrictive environment possible and receives compassionate medical care.